Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Changes in KDE Git infrastructure

As some of you may be aware, sysadmin is currently preparing to launch a big change to git.kde.org: New hooks. These new hooks will be launched tomorrow, so the repositories may be in maintenance mode for a period of time.

The biggest improvement to these hooks is commit mails, which have improved significantly. Particular highlights of this is the format of the mails, and the extra information about what changes took place being included.

An example of a commit mail can be found here.

The upshot of this is that commit filters on sub-directories of git repositories now work, and the size of messages is now limited.

Several new headers, X-Commit-Ref, X-Commit-Project and X-Commit-Folders have also been added, which should hopefully allow for a more git native version of commit filter to now be built.

Regarding the format of the mails, this has changed to be more similar to SVN emails, and includes information on who pushed the revision to the repository.

Another important step forward is the launch of KDE Projects xml output. It provides a variety of information on projects, which should hopefully be usable by scripts to build a tree of clones on developer systems. This output is available here and is updated every 5 minutes.